Annandale Cidery


((( Atomically Correct )))

Before Prohibition, cider was America's drink. A ration for Revolutionary soldiers, a safe substitute for water along the Frontier, and even President Adams' breakfeast drink, fermented apple juice was a cheap alternative to beer and a hardy crop before the cultivation of suitable grape varieties. It was also Johnny Appleseed's true mission- apples grown from seed are inedible, but make great cider. The apple, rebranded in the 1920s by the industry as a healthy snack in order to remain a legal enterprise, virtually lost its iconic status as America's alcoholic drink. Thankfully, the country is slowly rediscovering it.

We use over 60 varieties of antique and commercial apples grown on the same land that Janet Livingston cultivated apple trees upon 200 years ago. All our cider is made in small batches, with no preservatives or sulfates added.

We are still a very small operation centered on creating great ciders as we slowly expand the business. We grow all our own apples, and focus primarily on cultivating and restoring historic American varieities to the area.

4.jpgA proud stop on the Hudson Valley Cider Route,  part of the Glynwood Center Apple Project.